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Alligator Found In Jackson County

In as many days, a second alligator has been discovered in Michigan. This time the gator was discovered in Jackson County, Michigan by a resident of Hanover Township.

JTV News | June 28th, 2019 | Gabriel Schray

Deputy Bahnsen of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to Roundtree Road in Hanover Township, where allegedly an alligator had been located in the yard of the residence. The home owner advised that the alligator came from a pond and swamp area onto his property and was walking across the yard.

When the Sherrif’s Deputy arrived, he found the resident holding the alligator with a fishing net, waiting until the Deputy Bahnson could assist him. Following its discovery and capture, the alligator was transported to the Jackson County Animal Shelter.

A man near Lansing found an alligator on the side of the road yesterday as well. The first alligator was found dead on the side of Mt. Hope Highway in Lansing on Thursday.

For more local news and information, you can connect with JTV on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. This article was written by JTV’s Gabriel Schray. He is in his fifth year covering Jackson Area sports and news for JTV. Media and information in this article provided by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office. You can connect with Gabriel on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook as well. 

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