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Mike Hirst with Ric Walton.
Mike Hirst with Ric Walton.

“Andy’s Angels” founder Mike Hirst has expanded information and support programs for families in the community suffering with opiate addiction.  Guest host Ric Walton recently served as emcee for an “Andy’s Angels” fundraiser.  The organization was founded by Mike to honor his son Andy who passed away from a heroin overdose.  Help for families and addicts and prevention resources are available on the website here.  Ric’s other guests:  Amy Torres, Vice President of Economic Development, Enterprise Group;  Rev. Phil Stout, First Church of the Nazarene;  Amy Reimann and Donna Riley, Ella Sharp Museum’s Patio Parties (beginning Thursday, April 17);  a visit to Seymour Ford Lincoln’s Collision Center.

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