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City Of Jackson Construction Project Update

Alley east of Mechanic Street between Cortland and Michigan. JTV photo.

(August 13, 2020 4:40 PM) This is the weekly update regarding the street reconstruction projects ongoing in the city of Jackson.

Martin Luther King Jr Drive between Morrell Street and Mason Street

In the past week, the last section of sanitary sewer pipe was installed, the new water main was connected to the City-wide distribution system at the intersections and houses within the work zone were connected to the new water main pipe.

Next week, the primary task will be the installation of new storm water catch basins and associated storm sewer pipe. The work on these items is expected to take the whole of next week to complete.

The following week, after the storm water catch basins and sewers are in place, the contractor will begin grading and excavating to build the center island of the new roundabout at the intersection of Martin Luther King Jr Drive and Morrell.

Franklin Street 

For the past week, the primary objective has been the construction of concrete sidewalks and the grading of the roadway in preparation for the placement of new concrete curbs.

Tomorrow, Friday, August 14, curb placement will commence. A curb machine will be used so curb placement will go fast – most of the curbs between Brown and Wisner will be in by the end of the day tomorrow.

Next week, work on concrete items will continue. This will consist of placing the sidewalk remainders, ramps at intersections and driveways.

While the concrete is fresh, driveways will be closed and unusable for approximately two weeks while the concrete has time to cure and gain strength. Those who are blocked out of their driveways will have to park on the side streets at Higby, Durand, Thompson or Wisner during this period. This will be an inconvenience for a short period but will result in stronger and more durable driveways in the long run.

Alley east of Mechanic Street between Cortland and Michigan 

As is clear from the lack of activity at the project site, nothing has been accomplished over the last two weeks. AT&T has completed their work. The City of Jackson is now waiting for the City’s contractor to return and get to work.

The City’s contractor is scheduled to arrive in the middle of next week to begin the work of installing new storm water catch basins and associated storm sewer pipes. Once started, the catch basin and sewer work will take about a week to complete. Once completed, the work to build the new surface pavement will begin.

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