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(August 12, 2022 6:43 PM)  The City of Jackson Department of Engineering has released the weekly construction report for three projects.

Greenwood Avenue construction update:  

Earlier this week, the lids of manholes and water valves on the east side of the street were adjusted up to match what will be the top of the new pavement. At this time, the concrete around those lids is being given time to cure and gain strength. 

The paving of the top layer of new hot mix asphalt over the east half of the street is currently scheduled for next Tuesday, August 16.

Once the paving is complete, the pavement marking subcontractor will paint the new pavement stripes along the length of the project and put down stop bars and turn symbols at intersections. Once the pavement markings are done, barricades will be removed and Greenwood will be opened to two-way traffic.

West Avenue construction update:  

Earlier in the past week, gravel base material was placed and graded on the streets at the intersection of West Avenue and Franklin Street. Yesterday, the concrete subcontractor arrived and began building new curbs. The curb work is scheduled to be completed today.

Next week, the concrete crew will place concrete for new sidewalk ramps, sidewalks and driveways. The concrete work is scheduled to be completed on Wednesday of next week. 

After concrete work is done, the remainder of the gravel base material will be placed, graded and compacted and made ready for paving. Once the gravel base work is done, the street will be ready to be paved with new hot mix asphalt. The paving will be done in three separate layers on three separate days.

E. High Street bridge construction update:  

Over the past week, the contractor completed the last concrete pour for the new bridge deck. Since then, worked has focused on the placement of reinforcement steel for the railings on each side of the bridge and for the approach slabs leading onto the bridge. Once the steel is in place, concrete for the railings and slabs will be poured.

The project is currently on track to pave the hot mix asphalt on each side of the approach slabs in the week after the Labor Day weekend. Once the asphalt paving is done, there will be a few cleanup items to complete. The bridge is scheduled to be opened to traffic in mid-September.

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