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Al Hooper and Leslie Youngdahl with Bart
Al Hooper and Leslie Youngdahl with Bart

Consumers Energy Economic Development Director Al Hooper and Community Development Program Manager Leslie Youngdahl are in the process of instituting the “Anchor Initiative” program in Jackson.  Governor Rick Snyder is encouraging anchor institutions like corporations, hospitals and colleges to buy local, encourage local development of downtown residential space and assist in “placemaking”.  The efforts are being modeled after a successful program in Midtown Detroit.  Other guests:  Jackson Community Food Pantry Executive Director Mark Smith and Mike George with Monkey Bars, kicking off the “Messiest Garage” contest on JTV;  Katie Rowley, American Red Cross/Americorps volunteer;  Beads to Live By owners Chris and Cassandra Spicer;  Leslie Daugherty and Nikki Waldron from One-Five-One Restaurant.

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