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Jackson College Provost Dr. Rebekah Woods Named To Presidency Of Columbia Basin College

Dr. Rebekah Woods at a Michigan House committee hearing, flanked by Jeremy Frew, Jackson College and 65th District Representative Brett Roberts.  Courtesy Michigan House Republicans.

Jackson College Provost Dr. Rebekah Woods has been named the new President of The Columbia Basin College in Pasco, Washington.  The Board of Trustees announced the selection of Dr. Woods as the college’s sixth president in the school’s 62 year history and the first woman president for CBC.

 Dr. Woods is currently Provost at Jackson College.  Other recent positions include Executive Dean of Instruction, Dean of Instruction of Arts and Sciences, and Special Assistant to the President at Jackson College; and Dean for Student and Academic Support and Strategic Enrollment Management at Lansing Community College in Lansing, Michigan.

Dr. Woods earned a Doctorate of Philosophy in Organizational Leadership from Regent University School of Business & Leadership in Virginia Beach, Virginia; Juris Doctor at Regent University School of Law; and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Albion College.

  Dr. Woods says she was drawn to CBC because of the schools obvious commitment to student success and its unwavering support of its core mission.  “I am also encouraged by the diverse student population CBC serves and the way it provides educations opportunities for many individuals who would otherwise not have them.  CBC’s innovative spirit that drives the institution resonates deeply with me from your work in Guided Pathways”, she says.

In her interview with the search committee, Dr. Woods stated  ”I am drawn to the presidency at Columbia Basin College (CBC) because of the school’s obvious commitment to student success and its unwavering support of its core mission.  CBC’s innovative spirit that drives the institution resonates deeply with me – from your work with Guided Pathways and the case management model of advising to your competency based education and open educational resources. CBC’s recognition of the pivotal economic development role it plays in the region and its emphasis on building partnerships, such as the Columbia Gardens Urban Wine & Artisan Village, is critical to the institution’s short and long-term success. I am deeply humbled and excited to be selected as a candidate for the next president of CBC and look forward to being on campus and learning more about the college and the tri-cities community.”

 Dr. Woods replaces Rich Cummins who resigned in March to become Western Governors University Chancellor for Washington state. Dr. Woods will start at CBC in November at an annual salary of $220,000.  

Dr. Woods also serves on the Board of Trustees of Jackson Preparatory and Early College.  She was a finalist in a search for Western Technical College earlier this year.  In April, Dr. Woods was awarded the Aspen Presidential Fellowship for Community College Excellence.

Columbia Basin College serves the citizens of Benton and Franklin counties in Washington state with two-year associate degrees for transfer to a four-year university, and applied degrees for workforce employment.  CBC also provides one-year certificates and basic skills for those pursuing a GED or high school diploma.  CBC serves approximately 7,000-8,000 students each quarter.

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