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(January 15, 2020 12:43 PM) The Jackson Public Schools Board of Education has announced that the former JPS Lincoln Elementary building located at 154 W. Clark St, Jackson,  has been renamed  “John R. Lewis Elementary School”.  This was a unanimous decision by the JPS School Board at their regularly scheduled Board Meeting on Monday, January 11, 2021.

Board Trustee Erin White led the committee to seek community input on renaming of the former Lincoln Elementary building.  The process began November 1, 2020 and a community-wide survey was conducted through December 31, 2021.  In total there were 57 submissions for name recommendations.  The JPS Board unanimously approved John R. Lewis as the new name.  The name change will take effect immediately.

Currently, the building is under renovation as part of the JPS 2018 Bond Plan.  It is slated to open in fall of 2021 as a Young Fives – 5th Grade elementary school building.  The building renovations will allow for 375 staff and students to be housed there. JPS is excited for the new building renovations and looks forward to welcoming students at John R. Lewis Elementary School this fall.  

Comments from board trustees and Superintendent:

“We are proud to have had community and JPS stakeholder support involved in the process of determining a name that the JPS Board of Education could come to a unanimous decision on. I am very pleased that Jackson will now be able to share in the legacy of John R. Lewis” – Erin White, JPS Board Trustee. 

“I am happy that Lincoln will be re-named John R. Lewis school, because he was the epitome of a civil rights and political icon. He will be an inspiration for all students, be an excellent role model for them, and be relevant to the times.  He did all he could to “demonstrate that the way of peace, the way of love and non-violence is the more excellent way”, a belief that is much needed in our society today.” – Libby Brown – JPS Board Vice President. 

“It is a very exciting time across our District, but without question the ability to re-open an elementary school after 30 years creates a lot of hope and optimism for the future. The Board felt the renaming process was a good way to get the community thinking about this location again and build positive energy around the program. With all the great submissions, the Board unanimously selected John R. Lewis Elementary School. Congressman Lewis once said, “I am very hopeful. I am very optimistic about the future.” and we at Jackson Public Schools are hopeful and optimistic about the children that will get their starts at John R. Lewis Elementary School and the tremendous impact this location will have to bring our community together. It is a great day to be a Viking!” – Jeff Beal, JPS Superintendent.


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