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Jackson Water Judged “Best Tasting”

The City of Jackson is raising a glass to a special award that honors the tastiness of the city’s drinking water. At its annual Spring Regional Meeting in Livonia on April 9, the Michigan Section of the American Water Works Association awarded the City of Jackson with the “Best Tasting Water” award.

Jackson beat out three other communities such as Ann Arbor and South Lyon in the competition. Water treatment plants in the region were asked to bring a one-quart glass mason jar full of its tap water to the regional meeting. Judges tasted the water and rated it on appearance, smell, and taste. The judges determined Jackson’s water was tops in the category.

Lead Mechanic Jeff Heston brought home the award to the City of Jackson Water Treatment Plant. “We think it’s fantastic. We’re really honored by this recognition,” said Water Treatment Plant Supervisor Mike Osborn.

So what makes Jackson tap water so tasty? Osborn has some theories. “Our drinking water is of high quality because of its source. Jackson taps into a large underground acquirer deep below the surface of the city. Once we get it to the plant, the water then goes through a filtering process that includes water softening. Our staff also closely monitor the water to make sure we’re offering an excellent product to our customers,” Osborn said.

While Jackson’s water made a splash at the regional competition, it still has to impress the statewide judges. In September, Jackson will compete against tasty water regional winners from five other Michigan communities at a statewide conference in Traverse City.

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