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Shining Star Award recipient Roberta Sexton accepts her award at a ceremony in Ypsilanti.  Courtesy photo.

(November 28, 2022 11:24 AM)  AARP announced that Roberta Sexton of Jackson was named the recipient of the organization’s  annual Shining Star Award. This highest of honors acknowledges leadership, service and community impact executed by an AARP Michigan volunteer. 

According to AARP Associate State Director Kimberley Bishop, Sexton is a driving force in the organization’s advocacy efforts and on issues related to voter rights and brain health. “We’ve seen the  move on both objectives thanks to Roberta’s determination and ability to leverage relationships,” Bishop said. “She has literally taken the bull by the horns on several fronts to deliver big results for the 50+ community.” Bishop specifically noted Sexton’s leadership in bringing AARP’s messaging on brain health to a world audience at the Lions International Forum in Alberta, Canada, potentially opening the door to more global collaboration. At an awards ceremony in Ypsilanti, Sexton’s work was heralded by national and state AARP leaders where she was just one of five AARP volunteers to receive this prestigious award.

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