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JACKSON, MI – Brian Schnurstein was diagnosed with ALS in March of 2010 at the age of 28. Brian is married to Lindsay Schnurstein (Hill) who was born and raised in Jackson. They were married at the First United Methodist Church, have one daughter (almost six years old), have a strong community of loved ones in town, and currently reside in Portage MI. Now a little over five years later, after a long and hard fight, this debilitating disease has really taken its toll. Brian hasn’t been able to walk for three years, talk for two years, eat for one year, and underwent a tracheostomy six months ago to allow him to breathe through a ventilator. Brian and his family have come to terms with the fact that his body is failing him and that his time is limited and precious. To celebrate Brian and his fight against ALS, his brother in-law and sister in-law, Brian and Angela Hill, had the idea of honoring him in the best way they knew how – through food! Brian was a strong athlete with an equally strong love for food. And one of his great loves was the Hunt Club smoked turkey sandwich. So much so, it actually became a running family joke. When Lindsay and Brian were in town, everyone knew if they weren’t at the house they were most likely at the Hunt Club eating that exact sandwich.

In March 2015, Brian and Angela had a meeting with the Hunt Club to present their idea and within minutes Jennifer St. Andre, Manager of the Hunt Club was 100% on board. The Hill’s request was to include Brian’s name in their menu next to his favorite sandwich. They told Jennifer his story and were then prepared to really sell her on why The Hunt Club should include Brian in their menu, but as soon as Angela said to Jennifer, “Why should you do, this?” She looked her square in the eyes and said “Why wouldn’t I?’ The rest is history.

“My husband and I couldn’t be more grateful for the generosity and compassion shown by the Hunt Club”, said Angela. “We were able to present Brian with a sneak preview of the new menu this weekend and he was all smiles – it is a beautiful memory that we will cherish for a long time.”

The new menus will be available in the restaurant next week featuring Brian’s nickname, “Schnur”, and acknowledging his love for his favorite sandwich.

For more information on ALS and to see more on the Schnurstein’s story click here (link alsbeawar.com)

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