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Melissa Greene with one of the Greene Family Homestead’s turkeys.  Courtesy photo.

(November 9, 2022 7:02 PM) A new local farm announced it aims to help with the potential turkey shortage this Thanksgiving.  The Greene Family Homestead was established last year and the family farm is ready to market their first season of turkeys.

In May 2022, the farm added over 100 broad breasted white turkey poults to the homestead.  The farm says these turkeys are raised outdoors on their several acre pasture in a clean, safe, and nurturing environment.

Melissa and Jonathan Greene established Greene Family Homestead, LLC in 2021 after leaving their city home for 7.5 acres in the country. Their homestead features fruit and nut trees, various Christmas trees, and an array of vegetables.  

Melissa Greene says their main feature is poultry and they hope to ease the turkey shortage.  

“The USDA is predicting a Thanksgiving shortage. Consumers will need to get creative and look beyond their traditional grocery stores to find their Thanksgiving feast”, said Greene.  “We have spent the year raising over 100 turkeys on pasture, meaning our turkeys had access to free range nutrient rich pasture, and natural elements every day”, which Melissa says, “encourages slow and healthy growth, which in turn produces an incredibly tasteful thanksgiving bird.”

The Greene Family Homestead is currently taking orders for Thanksgiving Turkeys on their website here.

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