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Now Is The Time To Get Your Spring Blooming Bulbs At Becks

By Alex Cash, JTV

So far, it has been a confusing fall season. Hot one day, cold the next. Cold rain followed by high humidity. Nonetheless, fall is here.


Gary Beck, President of Beck’s Flower Shop and Gardens agrees. “We’ve had a strange fall. Normally we’ve had one or two freezes, leaves changing and dropping. But we are enjoying a nice long summer.” The odd weather we’ve been having effects what our plants do and what kind of plants we can buy.


Many of us have seen colorful hearty mums on people’s front steps, gardens, and porches mimicking the beautiful Michigan fall colors. Now is the time to get your potted mums to add that gorgeous color to your fall or Halloween themed home decoration. Though Gary says they are at the end of their growing season, it doesn’t mean you can’t get five weeks or so of enjoyment out of a potted one. To those among us who weren’t born with a green thumb, this may be all the gardening we are capable of.


Though fall is lovely, some of us might want to look forward past the winter to spring. Now is the time to get your spring blooming bulbs at Becks. Gary says you can purchase tulips, daffodils, crocus, and hyacinth, get them in the ground before it freezes, and enjoy beautiful blooms sprouting next spring.


Don’t forget to take care of your boss this upcoming Bosses day on Monday, October 16th and your honey on Sweetest Day on Saturday, October 21st. Beck’s Flowers Shop and Gardens has spectacular fall flower arrangements for these occasions as well as one-of-a-kind gifts sure to impress. 

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