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Jackson Coffee Co. announced today that it is opening the Jackson Candy & Fudge Factory, an old-fashioned candy & fudge shop, September 22, 2015. The candy & fudge shop is located on the corner of E. Michigan Avenue and Elm Street.

We are thrilled to further invest into Jackson by opening an 1890’s style candy & fudge shop in our community.” said Brian Surgener, Jackson Coffee Co.’s president. “Every community should have that special place where they can experience a nostalgic re-creation of that classic and bygone era.”

The Jackson Candy & Fudge Factory is everything you’d expect in a candy store of yesteryear. The tall ceilings are layered in decorative copper. The 1800’s walls are clay brick. Havana style fans decorate the interior. The cash register is an early brass National cash register. Circling at the top of the ceiling is a garden size train. The old fashioned décor is added to by a 12 foot fudge counter, as well as rows of nostalgic candy, decorative chocolates, & shelves of specialized gifts. It’s an atmosphere that smells of fresh caramel corn, home-made fudge and glazed cinnamon nuts.

We have put a lot of effort and thought into giving the public a step back in time experience.” said Brian Surgener. “The building itself is from the 1890’s and we wanted the inside to capture the same feel by having a copper ceiling, brick walls, and decorative cabinetry that captures that old-fashioned appeal. It took a lot of effort to put a full size train at the ceiling, but what it adds to the experience was worth it.”

There is an open kitchen where fudge, caramel corn and frosted cinnamon nuts will be made in front of the public. In addition, the store will offer 20 varieties of sweet water taffy, nostalgic candies, artesian truffles, Jelly Belly’s, nuts, and other sweets that you can’t find anywhere else.

“We wanted to give the customer an experience by having an open kitchen where the public can watch the items being made.” said Brian Surgener. “There’s nothing better than the smell of freshly made caramel corn, frosted nuts and fudge.”

The Jackson Candy & Fudge Factory will offer gifts packages tailored to specific occasions and events.

“There are many special moments that take place each year. When the occasions arise, we will help make them special with products produced here in Jackson.” said Brian Surgener. “We can assure that the gift will be loved and remembered.”

Everyone has a vivid and pleasant memory of where they went as a child to get their favorite candy-whether it was the local corner store, a five-and-dime store, or their Grandma’s candy dish. The Jackson Candy & Fudge Factory is a nostalgic re-creation of that classic and bygone era. While they will sell many delicious sweets, the customer will realize that what they really offer are memories.

“Customers will soon say ‘I feel like a kid in a candy store!” or “I haven’t seen that since I was a kid!” said Brian Surgener.  “We want to walk our customers down memory lane and remind them of good things and good times.”

Stop in their 1800’s building and put a smile on your face, or warm the hearts of your grandchildren. Every child gets a free token to the “Wowie Zowie” gumball machine.

“We wanted every kid to have an elevated experience at the Jackson Candy & Fudge Factory, so each will be given a free token to the arcade style gumball machine.” Said Brian Surgener. “In addition, upon checkout everyone will be able to spin the prize wheel to win an additional prize.”

The Jackson Candy & Fudge Factory invites you to take a spin on the prize wheel, watch the train circle the store, get a free balloon, or catch a glimpse of them making the caramel corn, roasting the nuts, and filling the bins with candy. They guarantee you’ll leave feeling like a kid again.

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