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Governor Rick Snyder has proclaimed Saturday, October 17, 2015, the 7th Annual ‘Shake Your Mailbox Day’ in Michigan.  The day is designated to get the public involved in proactive mailbox maintenance.  Record snow falls in recent winters have led to an increase in the number of mailboxes damaged by  heavy snow thrown from passing plows.

Taking time to prepare your mailbox for winter now can prevent serious headaches later. If your  mailbox moves when shaken, it could be knocked over by snow thrown off the road by a passing  snowplow. Residents should prepare mailboxes for winter by tightening screws and ensuring the post  and receptacle are secure enough to endure large amounts of thrown snow.

Although the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) and Jackson County Department of  Transportation (JCDOT) have policies in place regarding replacement of mailboxes that have clearly  been hit by a snowplow, road agencies have never assumed responsibility for mailbox damage  caused by standard snow removal operations…snow impacting a mailbox.

Mailboxes are one of the only objects allowed by law to be placed in the road right-of-way. The  location and construction of mailboxes must conform to the rules and regulations of the U.S. Postal  Service and standards established by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation  Officials (AASHTO).

For more information, call (517) 788-4230 or visit www.jcrc-roads.org.

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