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Celebrating 19 Years of The Bart Hawley Show!

The Bart Hawley Show is Jackson’s “Must See TV”.  Airing live from downtown Jackson every weekday, The Bart Hawley Show has hosted over 33,000 guests during its first 19 years.  Covering politics, government, education, business, the arts and more.  America’s only live, daily, local, 2 hour television talk show covers Jackson like nothing else.  If it’s happening in Jackson, it’s happening on The Bart Hawley Show.  Live Monday thru Friday at 1pm, with replays at 5, 8, 11pm , 2 and 5 am.

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Monday, October 26, 2020

JTV News presents The Morning Show.  Monday, Andy Hawley and Jenifer Scanlon’s guests:  Dr. Donna O'Neill, Infectious Disease Specialist, The PIIC Center .  Kelly Langley, Financial Advisor, Edward Jones;  Alison McGlynn, Headliners Design Studio, Education Coordinator & Salon Stylist.  9 AM and 11 AM. Today on The Bart Hawley Show:  Melissa Stroede, County National Bank;  Sarah Parker, Program Director/Instructor, Respiratory Care, Jackson College;  Scott Leach, Supt., Vandercook Lake Schools;  Martin Luther King, Jr. Recreation Center Ribbon Cutting; Kelli Hoover, Director, City of Jackson Parks, Recreation & Grounds;  Antonio Parker, Director, MLKing Center.  1, 5, 8, and 11 PM;  2 and 5 AM.

We are always looking for stories, features and guests for JTV programs.  Are you interested in appearing on JTV?  Do you know of a person, company or organization that we should know about for JTV coverage?  Please send us your ideas!

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