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(November 16, 2022 5:47 PM) More than $4,000 in cash and merchandise was handed out at the 35th annual Knutson’s Buck Pole in Brooklyn on Tuesday.

The now-famous pole displays as many as 75 bucks on the M124 pole just outside the Knutson’s Sporting Goods main office.

The first buck came into Knutson’s to be weighed and hoisted on the pole at approximately 8:45 a.m. 

It did not take long for a line to form in order to enter into the Buck Pole contest.

The company has been weighing deer for 38 years. 

Here is a list of the winners and prizes won: 

Heaviest Buck

Nick Gregg, 194 pounds, $500 Knutson’s Gift Certificate, $300 cash

John Lesinsky, 192 pounds, $200 Knutson’s Gift Certificate

Most Points

Pat Conklin, 23 points, $150 Knutson’s Gift Certificate

Random Draw Winners

David Fugate $200 gift certificate

Jerry Lewis $100 gift certificate

Grand Prizes

Josh Jewell, $600 cash

Gary Fletcher, $300 cash

Michael Angus, $150 cash

James Hicks, $75

Kasper’s Hickory House Deer Processing

Trey Shaunghessy

Jeff Curtis

Dan Cochran

Dunlap’s Taxidermy Skull Mount

Blaise Uphaus

David Lamb

Gordon Bollheimer

Eagle Statue

Missy Bailey

Aggie’s Sports Bar $50 Gift Certificate

Austin Davis

B&B Hardware $50 Gift Certificate

Matt Frost

Brooklyn Big Boy $50 Gift Certificate

Shawn Carnahan

Subway $50 Gift Certificate

Dan Cochran

Hometown Pizza $50 Gift Certificate

David Fugate

Kelly Fuels $50 Gift Certificates

Olivia Lowe

Napoleon Lawn & Leisure $50 Gift Certificate

Charlie Robinson

Old Crossing Car Wash $50 Gift Certificate

Dean Fields

The Old Mill Feed Store $50 Gift Certificate

Brad Emerson

Wesco Convenience Store $50 Gift Certificate

Matthew Hess

Plot 1 Seeds

Bob Bridges, Hunter Yager, Mike Schatz, Randy Robinson, Mike Updike, Jordan Lerch, William Fierro, Jeremy Collingsworth, Brandy Alexander, Jacob Langschied, Charles Bittinger, and Jeremy Nelson. 

Knutson’s $25 gift certificates

John Masserant

Kiel Swift

Levi Choate

Harrold Goff

Allen Gun Case

Jerry Lewis, Joel Collins, Erie High, Ryan Wiedmeyer, Jeremy Mikola, Pat Conklin, James Glass, Marc Dermyer, Matthew Ross, Austin Gust, Jim Glass, John Lesinski, and William VanDyke. 

Allen Antler Mount

William VanDyke

Rick Bailey

Kevin Cortzian

Mega Pack Hand Warmers, Deer Mineral

Camryn Masserant

Nick Gregg

Easton Jarchow

Jack Burmis

Tyler Pelham

Drew Norton

Thermal Sock/Toe Warmer

Frank Espinoza, Fin Jensen, Bronson Burch, David Wren, Mike Ousley, Steve Sullivan, Justin Slick, Jeff Updike, Sherman Jewell, Steve Sullivan, Tim Barker, Jake Marmul, Mike Ousley, Phillip Guyot, and Austin Davis. 

Lester Brothers Jackson Michigan
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