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2019 Jackson Golf Schedule


April 27-28                           Spring Thaw                                                       Cascades

May 11                                 Jackson County Best-Ball                              Arbor Hills

May 18                                 One-man Scramble                                         Sharp Park

June 1-2                               Jackson Masters                                               CC of Jackson

June 22                                 Lyle Ambs qualifying                                       Sharp Park

June 29-30                          Lyle Ambs Memorial                                       Sharp Park

July 13-14                            Senior County Open                                       Cascades

July 20-21                            County Open                                                     Cascades

July 27-28                            Joe Fiero City Senior                                       Sharp Park

Aug. 3-10                             City Championship                                          Cascades

Aug. 24                                 Jackson Stableford                                          Sharp Park

Sept. 8                                  Tournament of Champions                          Arbor Hills

Sept. 15                                Jackson Golf Hall of Fame                             Sharp Park

Oct. 12                                 Fall Two-Man                                                     Cascades



April 26                                 One-day Meet                                                  CC of Jackson

May 18-19                           Ladies Spring Thaw                                          Cascades

May 24                                 Lassie Cup                                                           Hankerd Hills

May 31                                 One-day Meet                                                  Arbor Hills

June 12-14                          Medal Play                                                          Heart of the Lakes

June 28                                 One-day Meet                                                  Green Valley

July 8-11                               Match Play                                                          Sharp Park

July 26                                   One-day Meet                                                  Lakeland Hills

Aug. 8-9                               Senior Crystal Classic                                      Sharp Park

Aug. 23                                 One-day Meet                                                  Grande

Aug. 25                                 Tournament of Champions                          Cascades

Sept. 6/13                           Best-Ball                                                              Calderone/CC of Jackson



June 12                                 Mercer Tour                                                       Pine Hollow

June 17                                 Mercer Tour                                                       El Dorado

June 20                                 Mercer Tour                                                       Heart of the Lakes

June 26                                 Mercer Tour                                                       Calderone

July 1                                     Junior Best-Ball                                                 Cascades

July 8                                     Junior County Open                                        Cascades

July 15                                   Mercer Tour                                                       Sharp Park

July 19                                   Mercer Tour                                                       Lakeland Hills

July 22                                   Mercer Tour                                                       Concord Hills

July 26                                   Mercer Tour                                                       Arbor Hills

July 29-30                            City Junior Championship                             Sharp Park

Aug. 2                                   Mercer Tour                                                       Hankerd Hills

Aug. 5                                   Mercer Tour                                                       Clark Lake

Aug. 18                                 Mercer Tour Adult/Junior                            CC of Jackson

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