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Celebrating 22 Years of The Bart Hawley Show!

The Bart Hawley Show is Jackson’s “Must See TV”.  Airing live from downtown Jackson every weekday, The Bart Hawley Show has hosted over 34,000 guests during its first 21 years.  Covering politics, government, education, business, the arts, health, and more.  America’s only live, daily, local, 2-hour television talk show covers Jackson like nothing else.  If it’s happening in Jackson, it’s happening on The Bart Hawley Show.  Live Monday thru Friday at 1 pm, with replays at 5, 8, 11 pm, 2, and 5 am.

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Monday, September 2, 2023

All New Monday JTV News presents The Morning Show. Today, Andy and Jenifer’s guests:  Angela Guadagnini, Jackson MDHHS, Angel Tree Project.  Theresa Horne & Rosa Brown, Jackson YMCA Fitness Classes and Pink Ribbon Zumba Party.  Erin Valkuchak, Farm Sudz.  9 AM and 11 AM.   All new Monday on The Bart Hawley Show: Bart’s back with guests Andy Merritt, Board Chair & Jeremy Frew, new Executive Director, Ella Sharp Museum;  Matt Rozensky, Jacque Austin & Jessica Houston, Jackson Young Professionals Emerging Technology in Art (ETA) Festival;  John Worden, Chairman and Gary Watters, Treasurer, J-DART;  Alicia Williams, Jackson Chapter President, NAACP. 1, 5, 8, and 11 PM;  2 and 5 AM.   The Locker Room presented by County National Bank.  The Right Approach presented by Michelob Ultra. This week’s guest is Brian Humphrey from Avenue Auto. The week’s highlights in area High School Football. Food Circus:   The Food Circus crew heads to beautiful Albion to visit two great businesses. Foundry Bakehouse And Deli as well as Superior Street Mercantile. Enjoy a great breakfast and lunch at the Foundry then head over to the Mercantile and shop with over one hundred Michigan brands to choose from. Where We Live: Where We Live embraces Fall with a visit…

We are always looking for stories, features and guests for JTV programs.  Are you interested in appearing on JTV?  Do you know of a person, company or organization that we should know about for JTV coverage?  Please send us your ideas!

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