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Dennis DeCosta and Patti Poppe with Bart
Dennis DeCosta and Patti Poppe with Bart

Consumers Energy Vice President of Customer Experience, Rates & Regulation Patti Poppe and Commonwealth Associates President and CEO Dennis DeCosta updated viewers on the progress of the Anchor Initiative.  The Woolworth Building, which will serve as the Anchor Initiative Headquarters and Consumers Energy’s Innovation Center will have a conceptual design completed next month and targeted opening has been set for May, 2015.  DeCosta noted three of the Anchor partners (Consumers Energy, Commonwealth Associates and Allegiance Health) were heavily influenced by the two Foote brothers who came to Jackson more than a century ago to create a street lighting company.  He observed all three companies are now coming together to create a new positive legacy.  Other guests:  Tony Curtis, Principal, Rehman with RoseQueen candidate Bree Arkles;  Rod Malloy, Executive Director, Dahlem with singer/guitarist (and JTV SoundWave host) Victor McDermott; a visit to “On Two Wheels” with Adam Kohn and Paul Sowle;  Ed Peterson and Hakim Crampton, JACRAA’s “Freedom Forum”, Monday June 23;  Pet of the Week with Sue Lovell, Cascades Humane Society.

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