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Maria Orlowski with Bart
Maria Orlowski with Bart

Maria Orlowski, PhD has published a memoir of her experiences as a “Hidden Child” growing up in Poland during the Holocaust of World War II.  “Trains:  A Memoir of a Hidden Childhood during and after World War II” is available at the Ella Sharp and Allegiance gift shops, Cuppa Coffeehouse and online.  Born Miriam Winter, Maria lost her entire family and lived in hiding while being shuttled from family to family to avoid capture by the Nazis.  Maria is a Jackson resident and retired Adjunct Instructor for Jackson College.  Other guests:  Michael Masters, President of Jackson Preparatory and Early College;  Judy Gail Krasnow, Historic Prison Tours;  Mike Shore with the Western Schools time capsule opening ceremony;  Melissa Peters and Gretchen Dula, Jackson District Library’s Cat in the Hat event this Saturday.

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