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Blackman-Leoni Public Safety Officers Return To Duty; COVID-19 Exposure Was Negative

UPDATE (March 26, 2020 6:15 PM)

Updated to include new number from Sheriff Department.  Undersheriff Chris Kuhl: “We have three off now directly related to COVID 19, one clears his quarantine in the next couple days. “

(March 26, 2020 5:17 PM) Blackman-Leoni Public Safety had fourteen officers in self-quarantine after being exposed to a fellow officer who had symptoms consistent with COVID-19.  While awaiting test results, the officers self-quarantined.  This afternoon, test results came back on the officer with symptoms and they were negative.  The officers in quarantine are now going to go back to work on their next scheduled shift.

Michael Jester, Blackman-Leoni Public Safety Director said, “We have ordered our staff to stay home, if they feel ill.  We had one person in self-quarantine, as they had symptoms consistent with COVID-19 and he is feeling better now.  He just received his test results this afternoon and he was negative.” 

Jester says he seeks guidance from the Jackson County Health Department and applies CDC guidelines.  “The safety of our employees and the public we serve is our number one priority, so we self-quarantined these employees and have been making changes to how we operate out of an abundance of caution.”

Jackson County Sheriff Steve Rand told JTV his department has a couple of employees who were possibly exposed.  “We do have a couple of employees who are in self quarantine,” said Rand.  “We also have an employee who is being treated for a suspected case.”  UPDATE:  “We have three off now directly related to COVID 19, one clears his quarantine in the next couple days.” said Undersheriff Chris Kuhl.

According to department leaders, first responders and law enforcement in Jackson County are following CDC recommended guidelines.  They include using appropriate personal protective equipment, maintaining a six-foot distance from others, and following hand-washing and sanitary protocols.  All departments have plans for exposure control and have participated in all-hands training.

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