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photo:  Jackson Fire Chief Dave Wooden, Firefighter Brandon Hughes, Mark Bernstein and Bart Hawley with the award presentation on The Bart Hawley Show (photo by Ryan Kerwin, JTV)

The Sam Bernstein Law Firm and JTV today announced Brandon Hughes as the winner of the first “Hometown Hero” award.  Hughes, a firefighter with the Jackson Fire Department, received 48% of the votes in the first annual Hometown Hero award program.  Mark Bernstein, President of The Sam Bernstein Law Firm developed the award program in cooperation with JTV.  “Jackson is very important to me and our firm” said Bernstein.  “We can think of no better way to honor the brave men and women who serve as first responders in protecting this great community”.

This summer, the award program solicited nominations of police, fire, public safety and EMS personnel who were involved in a heroic act while in the line of duty.  Of the nominations, five were selected by a panel as finalists.  The five heroes and their stories were posted on the Sam Bernstein Law Firm Facebook page and page visitors voted for the hero they felt was most deserving.  On today’s Bart Hawley Show, Mark Bernstein and Jackson Fire Chief Dave Wooden introduced Brandon Hughes as the winner.

According to Chief Wooden, Firefighter Hughes responded to a house fire, along with Firefighters Mike Stock and Joe Smith in Summit township in July, 2014.  Upon arrival, they observed smoke billowing from the structure and it was known the occupant was still in the house.  FF Hughes entered the structure initially by himself to start searching for the occupant.  He came in contact with the occupant who was unconscious on the main floor of the dwelling.  As he prepared to rescue the resident, he was joined by FF Stock who assisted.  In the meantime, FF Smith was operating the pumper and provided the hose line and water to help protect the three.  Wooden said FF Hughes’ actions were above and beyond what is expected of a more experienced firefighter.

The Sam Bernstein Law Firm and JTV presented Hughes with a plaque and a contribution of $500 is being presented to C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital, Brandon’s favorite charity, by The Sam Bernstein Law Firm.

Hughes said, “I love kids and I love what C.S. Mott’s Children’s Hospital does for children and their families.”  He expressed gratitude for the award, saying “I enjoy my job immensely and am grateful for the opportunity to serve and humbled with this honor.”

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