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McGuigan, Dutchmen Come Out of the Darkness to Succeed in Football

By Jeff Steers JTV Sports  (September 24, 2022 4:56 AM) Football has taught Manchester High School athlete Jaxon McGuigan to work his way up from the bottom and about not giving up. Case in point, the Flying Dutchmen were behind by two touchdowns against Addison earlier in the 2022 season. Coach Ben Pack gave a speech that stuck with McGuigan and a number of seniors who have played at the varsity level for three years. “Coach Pack talked about going into the darkness and being scared,” McGuigan said. “He said you don’t want to back away because that isn’t how life works.  “You go into the darkness and battle through your fears and don’t worry about what you can’t do.” Manchester stopped Addison inches short of the goal line late in the game to preserve a 29-26 win – breaking the Panthers' 20-game winning streak in the Cascades Conference.  McGuigan and a number of juniors and seniors have been at the varsity level for three years. In his sophomore year, Manchester won only two games.  Last year the Flying Dutchmen were 3-6 for the season.  The bonds built through the tough years are working for Manchester as they are 3-1…

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Hillsdale Looks to Rebound from Subpar Season

Key players for the Hillsdale High School varsity football team include, from left, Jordan Barnes, Brody Young, Coach Marc Lemerand, Stephen Petersen, and Peter Moore. Photo by Jeff Steers, JTV Sports.  By Jeff Steers JTV Sports (August 11, 2022 3:21 PM) The Hillsdale High School varsity football team is in an unusual position in 2022. The Hornets are looking to rebound from a sub-.500 season. Hillsdale has only experiences losing seasons three times since the 2000 season. Head Coach Marc Lemerand begins his 24th season with the Hornets.  “Last year is over … the team came together at the end of the year and decided they had to make changes,” Lemerand said.  Former Hillsdale College Coach Joe Williamson will take over the team’s offensive coordinator. Key players for the Hornets include Jordan Barnes (running back/defensive back), Jack Bowles (quarterback/defensive back), Peter Moore (running back/defensive back, Stephen Petersen (running back/linebacker), Josh Petersen (lineman), Gavin Wickham (lineman), Hunter Wilson (running back/defensive back), Trevor Wagler (offensive lineman/linebacker), and Brody Young (lineman).  “We need to deal with adversity better and keep our energy up,” senior Peter Moore said.  Other players looking to break into the starting lineup include Wyatt Coshatt (lineman), Shawn McGuire (lineman),…

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Parma Western Looking to Continue Program Growth

By David Rice | JTV Sports Wednesday August 13th The Western Panthers were heartbroken last year at the end of their playoff run, and that gave them extra motivation to work even harder in the offseason. Parma Western, under a 1st year coach, Nick Rulewicz, finished 8-4 and won a district championship. The team is hungry for more though, and this 2023 senior class wants to accomplish more. “We feel like we can play more than the 9 guaranteed games”. “There are 9 games but we want 12-15 games left before we hang it up”, said the players.  Despite the teammate love between the class of 2022 and 23 seniors, the seniors for this year’s team have (one of their) mottos as “trophies”, “be better than the previous senior class and play 12-15 games”.  Western’s summer workouts have also been going well as Coach Rulewicz has a full off-season to work with the team compared to last year. “I was hired in late April last year, and right around this time (August) is when we got everything rolling. It has been nice to have a full off-season for workouts and such”, said Rulewicz. “Our numbers are also very good. We…

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JCHD WIC Program Hosts First of Three Project Fresh Activities

Members of the Smiles on Wheels organization have a little fun with a child during the Women, Infants, and Children Project Fresh event outside of the Jackson County Health Department building on Wednesday. Photo by Jeff Steers, JTV News. By Jeff Steers JTV News (July 27, 2022 7:45 PM) Those participating in the WIC Project Fresh event at the Jackson County Health Department had a few bonus activities to visit on Wednesday. Some dentistry, hearing and vision, and animals were all involved in the first of three Project Fresh events.  The event featured WIC organization employees signing up eligible applicants for Project Fresh booklets – with $25 worth of vouchers that can be used at several local farmer’s markets.  “We have more than 4,500 WIC clients in Jackson so it is a first-come, first-served situation,” WIC assistant coordinator Tracy Lackey said. “Hopefully those in attendance will be able to see all the local support in the area and how to spend the $25 (vouchers) through local vendors.” Ives Gardens on Ann Arbor Road and Grand River Farmer’s Market are two of the locations applicants can use the vouchers for fruit or vegetables.  But those in attendance also had a chance…

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