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Jackson High @ Lumen Christi (2013 Promise Bowl): Titans still angry over having to drive two-plus hours to Buchanan last week only to play two quarters before lightning scuttled the second half. The Vikings got to play three quarters in their loss to West Bloomfield. The extra game experience won’t help. PICK: LUMEN CHRISTI

Hanover-Horton @ East Jackson: Comets team bus gets stuck in Wendy’s parking lot on East Michigan Ave waiting for spicy chicken sandwiches. They arrive at EJ just before kickoff. PICK: HANOVER-HORTON

Lansing Waverly @ Northwest: Mounties opened the season with a big road win last week at Hillsdale, then celebrated on the way back by visiting antique shops along US-12. Coach Slater promises a trip to Stagecoach Stop if they make it two in a row. PICK: NORTHWEST

Charlotte @ Western: The Panthers were so excited to open the season with a win over Lake Odessa that they spread it out over two days last weekend to savor the taste. Charlotte team bus driver, confused over all the construction on the Western campus, parks bus at MACI and makes team walk. PICK: CHARLOTTE

Manchester @ Napoleon: The Pirates played tough in opening loss to Columbia Central last week and they’re going to win a few games this fall. Manchester, however, passed a resolution that it won’t be one of the Pirates victims. PICK: MANCHESTER

Springport @ Jonesville: Half the Springport squad shows up late for the showdown because of a long line at Saucy Dog’s. The coaching staff burns all three first half time-outs before kickoff to get everything settled. PICK: SPRINGPORT

STOCKBRIDGE @ LESLIE: The Blackhawks gave up 37 second quarter points in a loss last week to Eaton Rapids. Let’s see- that’s about three points a minute, carry the one… divide by 12 and… oh, forget it. PICK: STOCKBRIDGE

Vandercook Lake @ Michigan Center: Jayhawk team bus makes a wrong turn and ends up doing laps at Jackson Speedway before the game. This contributes to dizziness that surely doesn’t help. PICK: MICHIGAN CENTER

Grass Lake @ Addison: Grass Lake officials receive a letter before the game informing them that Addison’s football stadium has been moved to St. Ignace, hoping to throw the Warriors off the trail. The plan fails. PICK: GRASS LAKE

Concord @ Quincy: The Jackets lost a heartbreaker to Hanover-Horton last weekend while Quincy pummeled Bronson. The actor Robert Shaw, who played ‘Quint’ in Jaws, arrives before the game and gives the Orioles a pep talk. Despite not knowing who he is, the talk works. PICK: QUINCY

Ionia @ Columbia Central: Bulldogs coach Mike Holes takes his team sight-seeing in downtown Jackson on the way to Columbia. The team bus clunks over a piece of falling concrete from the old Consumers building and nearly breaks down. In the end, however, they make it to the game on time. PICK: IONIA

Union City @ Homer: The Trojans, confused over why Union City is actually called a ‘city,’ struggle to stay focused. The Chargers take advantage. PICK: UNION CITY


Last week’s record:                 10-2

Season record:                         10-2

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