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Chucky B

The Chuck Wagon, also known as Chucky Buckles’ season of picking football winners, is back on solid ground. Two weeks ago, after a terrible 7-5 week, questions abounded as to whether or not Chucky had what it took to maintain a solid 83% (or B-) average. Then last week he charged from the gate and finished 11-1, his best week this year! But Week 6 looms and the times, as they say, ‘they are a changin’.

GRASS LAKE @ MANCHESTER: Chucky toyed with picking Manchester to spring the upset here, mostly because the Flying Dutchmen nickname is really cool. Then he learned that an old, old wooden ship has never been spotted in the Manchester area, so confusion set in. Also, Grass Lake has outscored everyone not named Michigan Center 161-14 this year. That sort of wrapped it up. PICK: GRASS LAKE 

JONESVILLE @ HOMER: Homer has outscored the opposition 179-13 (36-3 average) in the FIRST HALF this year! The Trojans have spent most of the second halves playing the new Grand Theft Auto game and trying not to spill energy drinks on each other. Jonesville is unbeaten as well (5-0) but the Comets had had a couple of squeakers. Homer v. Grass Lake in the Week 9 Crossover? PICK: HOMER

HANOVER-HORTON @ VANDERCOOK LAKE: Back in Chucky’s playing days for Hanover-Horton, he fumbled a kick-off in a seventh grade clash against the Jayhawks. As he ran off the field a Comet cheerleader named Laurie Pearl called his name and said ‘… you’re not very good.’ He has never forgotten nor forgiven Laurie for that, and he’s never forgiven the Jayhawks. PICK: HANOVER-HORTON

LUMEN CHRISTI @ MASON: Titans arrive early in the area and Coach Brogan has each player write a three-page essay on the design on the Mason water tower along US-127. I mean seriously, what the heck IS that? PICK: LUMEN CHRISTI

CONCORD @ READING: There’s pandemonium in the streets when the Pure Michigan campaign is sacked in favor of ‘Reading Michigan’ to focus on libraries and books. PICK: READING

ADDISON @ NAPOLEON : This is a matchup of two teams trying to reclaim some old glory on the football field. The Pirates break out the old, yellow helmets with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers logo on them, but this only serves to attract an angry swarm of Japanese hornets which, according to news reports, can grow to be three inches long. In the end, a three inch long hornet is terrifying, and… where was I going with this? PICK: NAPOLEON

EAST JACKSON @ MICHIGAN CENTER: The Trojans arrive at MC in muscle cars donated by Marshall Motors as intimidation. The Cardinals counter with root beer floats from Rudy’s. After the game, the players are asked to cruise the ave, until it’s revealed that no young person today remembers what ‘cruising the ave’ means. PICK: MICHIGAN CENTER

ERIE-MASON @ COLUMBIA CENTRAL: This Erie-Mason team is… well… eerie, having lost all five games by a combined 218-21 or 44-4. A Golden Eagles cheerleader forgets her pompom, but is allowed to use the purple hair of an Eagles fan who just wants to see the team win. PICK: COLUMBIA CENTRAL

HILLSDALE @ BLISSFIELD: The Hornets started slowly but are gaining a little steam heading this rematch of a playoff game from last year. Hillsdale fans tilt the scales a bit by blocking off the main bridge in and out of Blissfield mostly because it’s – well – a really cool bridge. PICK: HILLSDALE

LESLIE @ NORTHWEST: The Mounties have lost three straight but the rest of their schedule is certainly manageable – however they need to get this one. Coach Slater promises a team dinner at Ichiban Japanese Steakhouse if they win, then reneges and claims by ‘team’ he meant himself. PICK: NORTHWEST

WESTERN @ EATON RAPIDS: The Panther bus is late arriving to pick up the team when the driver stops to test drive the latest machines at Budd’s All Tractor. The disruption in the routine hurts the Panthers, and they come out sluggish. On a side note, the word ‘sluggish’ is pretty cool. PICK: EATON RAPIDS

JACKSON @ OKEMOS: Both of these teams come in winless but the Vikings have some playmakers and are slowly finding themselves under new Coach Farley. Okemos still can’t figure out if they’re the Chieftans, the Chiefs or the Chefs. PICK: JACKSON

SPRINGPORT @ ATHENS: Sporting his new Springport football shirt, Chucky heads out to make the trip to Athens. Sadly, he maxes out his wife’s credit card and finds himself in Greece. Later he is arrested for starting a riot by yelling ‘Go Spartans!’ in a town square. PICK: SPRINGPORT

LAST WEEK:    11-1

SEASON:            48-12

FAVORITE 70’s Singer:  Tom Jones 

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