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Chucky is spending his time resting and healing up after a horrible pool accident. He walked out onto the pool cover to chase a small stick when a sudden gust of wind buffeted the cover from below. The ‘ol Chuckster was then hurled forty feet into the air, resulting in a serious head wound.


Hillsdale @ Lumen Christi: The Creature From the Black Lagoon shows up before the game and tries to explain that the lagoon in the movie was actually a really big lake but ‘Creature From the Really Big Lake’ sounds silly. He breaks down in tears and is escorted off the field by security. It’s all pretty strange. PICK: Lumen Christi


Clinton (10-0) @ Monroe St. Mary Catholic Central (9-1): There’s a chance this game could be played on a tug boat in Lake Erie if Clinton has their way. Apparently they really like tug boats. PICK: Monroe St. Mary


Pewamo-Westphalia (8-2) @ Hudson (9-1): The Village of Westphalia, on their website, proudly proclaims ‘we may be small, but we’re not sleepy!’ This proclamation changes around 10pm, however, to ‘NOW we’re sleepy because it’s getting pretty late.’ Hudson doesn’t know what to make of this whole thing, and really likes having a McDonalds. PICK: Hudson

Note:  Chucky has never played a sport

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