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Chucky Buckles, picker of events and things, spent a night in the hospital recently when he was attacked by some dubious ruffians who were angered by his lack of knowledge when it comes to correctly picking… well… anything.

He has vowed to improve – so here goes for the boys’ tournament…

CLASS A – Jackson v. Mason: The Vikings’ Michael Johnson hurt his wrist shooting all those free throws in the recent Lumen Christi game and wears a bowling brace on it during this district matchup. Sadly, he draws a technical foul for donning those goofy bowling shoes, as well. PICK: Jackson

And then… After the Vikings beat Mason (confidence!) they get Grand Ledge in Round 2. That’s a toughie… PICK: Grand Ledge


CLASS B – Charlotte v. Western: On the way to the game, a Charlotte fan scales the Parma water tower and draws a mustache on the scary Panther logo up there. The Panthers, citing a ‘nobody messes with our water tower’ pledge, get even. PICK: Western

And then… After the Panthers take round one, they draw Leslie in round two, and keep going… PICK: Western

Olivet v. Northwest: Shocked and saddened by the Lady Mounties’ loss in the district tournament, the boys vow to avenge them. At least for one round, they do. PICK: Northwest

And then… Eaton Rapids! The Greyhounds knocked the Lady Mounties out of the tourney and Mountie Nation wants revenge. Revenge, I say! Sadly, it’s a double defeat for the red and black. PICK: Eaton Rapids


CLASS B- Lumen Christi v. Onsted: Note to Lumen Christi- don’t overlook Onsted. … ahh, forget it. PICK: LUMEN CHRISTI

And then… An excellent second round matchup looms with Napoleon. PICK: Lumen Christi

CHELSEA v. STOCKBRIDGE: The recent discovery of a giant squid and subsequent video footage of it existing in its own habitat, serves as motivation for the Bulldogs. Why? We’ll never know. PICK: Chelsea

And then… A second round matchup with Columbia Central… PICK: Columbia Central


CLASS C- Hanover-Horton v. Vandercook Lake: The ‘Hawks and Comets meet for the 23rd time this season… Wait, that can’t be right. PICK: Hanover-Horton

And then… A colossal second round matchup features the Comets and Homer, one of the best around. Is this the year HH’s 12 year district title run comes to and end? Will Gordon Lightfoot’s epic “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” become Michigan’s official state song? PICK: HOMER

East Jackson v. Michigan Center: The Cardinals, flying under the radar, have had a solid season. Get it? Cardinals – flying under the radar? No? PICK: CENTER

And then… It’s Michigan Center v. Concord dueling for the right to play for a district title. Former Lion Louis Delmas arrives on scene to provide motivation, but he’s refused entry when he refuses to buy a ticket, citing salary cap issues. PICK: CENTER


CLASS C- Grass Lake v. Manchester: If this was a football district matchup, it would be scintillating. Because it’s not, it’s less than scintillating. This uses up Chucky’s yearly allotment of the word ‘scintillating’. PICK: Manchester

And then… Someone has to win this district, by golly. We’ll go with Ann Arbor Greenhills, because some green hills sound amazing right now with how bad the winter has been.

CLASS D- Jackson Christian v. Marshall Academy: Due to budget cuts, the military decides to shut down Marshall Academy. The students, angered and prideful, refuse to let this happen and engage in a standoff with the National Guard. No wait, that was the old movie ‘Taps.’ Never mind. PICK: Jackson Christian

And then… J-Christian moves on to engage either Bellevue or Tekonsha in the district championship game. We’ll take Bellevue to win that one and then the Royals to win the district! 

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