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EAST JACKSON (10-3) @ NAPOLEON (12-2) – Girls game: Chucky foresees chaos in this matchup of two of the area’s best girls basketball teams. The Pirates, apparently deciding that merely winning a sporting event isn’t enough, sneak over to Sutton Road before the game and attempt to steal The Dome and take it back to Napoleon. Their attempt is scuttled when the Lady Trojans receive news of the plan and repel the invaders. Legendary actress Katharine Hepburn, who starred in the 1971 blockbuster film ‘Trojan Women’, serves as honorary captain for the game and gives a pep talk to EJ. Sadly, she leaves in shame when one of the players asks another ‘who’s grandmother is this?’ Also, it gets sort of creepy when it’s announced that Katharine Hepburn died 10 years ago. PICK: NAPOLEON

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