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LJ Chucky

*Chuck will select a few of his favorite games each week for his picks.

The holiday season is over, and with its’ end comes Chucky Buckles’ emergence from hiatus. During the break between the football and basketball seasons he took a computer class, had one of those soda-pop vending machines installed in his house and built a covered wagon from some old barn wood he found in a field.

Basketball season is here, and that means Chucky is more focused on each concession stand’s popcorn making ability than the action on the court. Still, picks must be made.



LUMEN CHRISTI @ JACKSON: Former Lions coach Jim Schwartz is on-hand to lend his services to either coach in need of in-game adjustments, but his offer to assist is rebuffed by both sides when it’s revealed that he- and the Lions – just aren’t that good. PICK: LUMEN CHRISTI

HOMER @ HANOVER-HORTON: The Trojans feature many of the same kids who helped the football team reach the state semifinals in November. Trouble erupts when those same kids, perhaps forgetting its basketball season, tackle the Comets’ ball carriers the first few times up the court. PICK: HANOVER-HORTON

CONCORD @ VANDERCOOK LAKE: The Yellow Jackets bring two buses to the game. One loaded with team members and cheer leaders and the other with cinnamon rice pudding, walking tacos and mac n’ cheese from their own concession stand. PICK: CONCORD

BENTON HARBOR @ JACKSON: Unsettling news is released when it’s discovered the Benton Harbor bus didn’t actually drive into the area, but instead lost control and began a controlled skid somewhere near Marshall. Visibly shaken, the Tigers can’t recover. PICK: JACKSON

GRASS LAKE @ EAST JACKSON: The Warriors and the Trojans, two old combatants in the Cascades Conference, struggle in this one as they are recruited to shovel the entire EJ High School sidewalk before the game. PICK: GRASS LAKE

VANDERCOOK LAKE @ HANOVER-HORTON: In a bit of a homecoming event, Chucky is invited to select the pre-game warmup music for this one. Sadly, he is booed out of the arena when he selects all Neil Diamond tunes and something from Peter Frampton. PICK: HANOVER-HORTON 


MARSHALL @ NORTHWEST: The Lady Mounties called in a favor and asked the Red Hawks to stop and pick up Schlotzky’s Deli sandwiches on the way into town. They are then angered when told that the downtown Marshall Schlotzky’s actually closed over the summer. PICK: NORTHWEST

HANOVER-HORTON @ NAPOLEON: The visiting Comets are shocked when it’s learned that the Pirates, along with cooperation from the Red Wings, have decided to play this game outdoors on the football field in the snow. PICK: PIRATES

WESTERN @ LUMEN CHRISTI: The Panthers buses won’t start due to the cold weather, but they’re able to hotwire a few bulldozers on-hand for the big Western construction project. Sadly, it takes them three days to reach LC and by then it’s too late. PICK: LUMEN CHRISTI

MICHIGAN CENTER @ EAST JACKSON: The Trojans pull a fast one by installing a remote control device on the MC bus and trying to divert the entire Cardinal team to St. Ignace. The plan fails when the Center coaches discover their normal bus driver was replaced by a cardboard cutout. PICK: MICHIGAN CENTER

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