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Chucky spent the last three days seeking refuge from the rain beneath a deck near his house. Ultimately a family of raccoons became annoyed with his senseless banter and asked him to move on.

Dundee @ Columbia Central: The Headless Horseman, known to frequent the streets of Brooklyn, is unable to prevent a watched pot from ultimately boiling. Pick: CC

Quincy @ Concord: A pack of wild dogs, roaming the streets of Concord, intercept the Quincy bus prior to arrival and make off with a small cup of loose change. Pick: Quincy

Hanover-Horton @ Grass Lake: It’s been a rough few weeks for Grass Lake, and they’ve been quite demonstrative in their disdain for losing. The question is, can they stop it? Pick: Grass Lake

Jackson @ Holt: A glass of warm milk, albeit without cereal, still a fine treat makes. Pick: Holt

Battle Creek Pennfield @ Lumen Christi: Chucky, an LC graduate, attempts a return to his glory days by running out onto the field in the third quarter. The plan fails miserably when it’s revealed he never really had any glory days. Pick: LC

Michigan Center @ Manchester: The Cardinals turn the door knob carefully, only to have found 19 alligators had already taken the book of CD’s. Pick: Manchester

Vandercook Lake @ Napoleon: The musical group Six Pence None the Richer is on-hand to perform the national anthem. Sadly, they are booed off the field when it’s realized no one knows what that phrase means and who even invited them. Pick: VCL

Northwest @ Western: ‘A sight for sore eyes for the blind would be awful majestic.’ Google it. Pick: Western

Negaunee @ Marquette: Boy trapped in refrigerator, eats own foot. Pick: Marquette 

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