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Chucky B

And then there was one… Chucky isn’t happy with his prediction performance this year, mostly because he’s pretty much an unhappy person by nature. As a result, he stopped keeping track and now says he never meant any of it. Still, we’re not done.

DECATUR @ HOMER: Let’s see here: Lawton beat Decatur, and Homer pummeled Lawton, so that means… Not so fast, you say? These are the playoffs and crazy things happen? Not this weekend. Alex White keeps piling up impressive passing yards and those Homer lines – offensive and defensive – manhandle the Raiders. The Homer odyssey continues. Get it? PICK: HOMER

MICHIGAN @ NORTHWESTERN: Well, the honeymoon is over for Brady Hoke. His first squad, which went 11-2 with Rich Rod’s players, was his high water mark. Since then it’s been losses, turnovers, doses of humiliation, getting bullied and meandering into mediocrity. Northwestern is hosting a Saturday night game and they’re wearing red, white & blue uniforms. On a positive note, Michigan’s winged helmets are still pretty cool. PICK: NORTHWESTERN


MICHIGAN STATE @ NEBRASKA: Chucky is taking a beating from Spartan fans who think their defense is as good as those old Steelers teams from the 70’s. Plus, Mark Dantonio reminds Chucky of his own father, because he’s always saying things like ‘pride comes before the fall’ and ‘keep your mouth shut’ and ‘it wouldn’t hurt you to have dinner with your family every now and then.’ PICK: MICHIGAN STATE 


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