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It’s been a tough week for Chucky. Apparently he got into some nip last week and his picks were pretty far out. He also spent three hours in the yard on Sunday chasing chipmunks that turned out to be dead leaves. Strange…

Concord @ Bellevue: A rough year for the Jackets gets even rougher when Bellevue’s Week 9 Fan Appreciation Night goes awry. Bellevue staff vows to revisit the ‘Free Tarantula Night’ concept during the offseason. PICK: Bellevue

Michigan Center @ Springport: A tractor pulling a wagon of Spartan fans veers off-course and disappears in a neighboring field. Drug cartels are suspected. PICK: Springport

Addison @ Reading: The Rangers need a win to secure their 17th straight winning season and that’s impressive. Why they’re known as the Rangers, and not the Railroads, still raises questions, however. PICK: Reading

Hanover-Horton @ Quincy: Comet boosters hold a bake sale before the game to raise funds to replace the two saxophones destroyed during the homecoming monsoon against Vandercook Lake. Not a single Quincy fan buys anything. PICK: H-H

Grass Lake @ Jonesville: Legendary Jonesville track star Pam Vincent makes an appearance before the game but no one’s impressed. She switches to singing campfire songs at midfield, but is carried off by angry boosters. PICK: Grass Lake

Vandercook Lake @ Homer: The ‘Hawks need a win to reach the playoffs. That desperation doesn’t help, however, when their bus breaks down on the way to the game and a mysterious winged creature swoops in and steals their helmets. PICK: Homer

Northwest @ Dexter: The Mounties have one last chance to get a win this season but they’re up against the Dreadnaughts. Trouble erupts when it turns out no one on the Dexter team actually knows what a Dreadnaught is. PICK: Dexter

Western @ Owosso: Good news, Owosso! The Trojans win their season opener! Bad news Owosso, they go on to lose eight in a row. PICK: Western

Onsted @ Columbia Central: The Columbia community is unnerved when a mysterious ship rises from the depths of Lake Columbia and sails again. Although this doesn’t make sense, it’s pretty creepy. PICK: Onsted

Manchester @ Union City: Union City and Cement City should get together and play a game between two cities that aren’t really cities. That’s a topic for another day. PICK: Manchester

Lumen Christi @ Jackson: Titans coach Herb Brogan rejects a proposed JTV’s Larry Jacobson Night, on the grounds that it would be ridiculous. PICK: LC

Hudson @ Hillsdale: 1,000 flesh eating piranhas are turned loose before the game, causing mass panic. The panic ebbs, however, when the fish just flop around on the field and eventually die without causing any real damage. PICK: Hudson

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