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Well, an 8-5 start to the season was part of Chucky’s plan all along. His goal has always been to keep the bar nice and low, which should make it easier to jump over. On to Week #2-

Columbia Central @ Leslie: Chucky and all of his cat buddies will be at this battle between two ferocious bird creatures: Eagles and Blackhawks. PICK: Columbia Central

Union City @ Concord: Legendary Union City alum Al Capone visits before the game. Imagine the shock when it’s later learned Al Capone never attended Union City. And he’s been dead for a number of years. PICK: Union City

Addison @ Grass Lake: Missy’s Little Grass Shack announces a prime rib dinner special is available for the winning team, and the Warriors rise to the challenge and pummel Addison. They are angered, however, when they learn the prime rib dinner is not free. PICK: Grass Lake

Jackson @ Lansing Everett: Someone misplaces the usual pre-game warmup music with something from The Carpenter’s. Both teams settle in for nice, long naps. PICK: Everett

Charlotte @ Lumen Christi: Charlotte announces a name change before the game. They’re switching from Orioles (which are quite adorable) to Angry Birds. The Titans are annoyed. PICK: Lumen Christi

Michigan Center @ Vandercook Lake: The skies are aglow with those lit, floating lanterns before the game. Sadly, the lanterns are Jayhawk helmets and this means the game can’t be played. PICK: Michigan Center

Napoleon @ Manchester: The Pirates and the Flying Dutchmen combine forces before the game and form some sort of mega-mascot. PICK: Manchester

Northwest @ Harper Creek: A scary moment before this one! That creepy little clown dude from the ‘Saw’ movies shows up, riding a tricycle. The teams join forces to beat him senseless because, well, being freaked out does that to you. PICK: Harper Creek

Pennfield @ Western: Panther fan Jim Francis (of JTV fame) parachutes onto the field before the game. Sadly, his pants land sometime after that. PICK: Pennfield

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