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Chucky’s week #2 record of 6-3 isn’t all that bad, folks. And he celebrated by giving himself a nice bathing, complete with uncomfortable hairballs. On to week #3, and with it success… always, success…

Hillsdale @ Columbia Central: JTV’s Lisa Spampinato (of ‘In the Kitchen’ fame) tries to fire up the Eagles with a delicious pre-game pasta dish but the plan backfires when CC -now duly fed – appear quite sluggish. PICK: Hillsdale

Grass Lake @ Michigan Center: Rather than risk injury, these two rivals engage in a carp catching contest at Center Lake instead of playing a football game. The plan backfires when they all turn ankles getting off the bus. PICK: Grass Lake

Addison @ Hanover-Horton: Two recent cougar sightings in the Hanover area have Comet fans on edge. Everyone feels a little better when it’s revealed it wasn’t a cougar after all, but rather some form of rabid lion hell-bent on destruction. Wait, that doesn’t make sense. PICK: H-H

East Lansing @ Jackson: The Vikings are excited about the possibility of a post-game celebration meal cooked by J-High assistant coach Russell Davis…Frankly, that sounds delicious.  PICK: Jackson

Lumen Christi @ Harper Creek: The Titans are a little disturbed by the Beaver’s stadium slogan: ‘All ye who come here shall have their ankles bitten to the bone.’ PICK: Lumen Christi

Napoleon @ Galesburg-Augusta: The Pirates stop at a blood drive just before the game, which is probably not such a good idea. Still, they fight on. PICK: Napoleon

Charlotte @ Northwest: Those sneaky Mounties tip the scales in their favor by sprinkling poison ivy seedlings across the field before the game. No one reminds them that both teams play on the same field, and in a few days everyone’s really uncomfortable. PICK: Northwest

Manchester @ Vandercook Lake: ‘Rock, chalk, Jayhawk!’ becomes Vandy’s slogan. Oddly, no one knows what it means. PICK: Manchester

Western @ Marshall: Can the Panthers get to 3 and 0? Can someone tell me why the Schlotzsky’s Deli in Marshall closed? PICK: Western

Leslie @ Stockbridge: Anyone with a heart condition is advised to avoid Blackhawk games. They’re 1 and 1 this year with both games decided by one point. Plus, if you have a heart condition you should be taking it easy. PICK: Leslie

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