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Chucky is excited this week on a couple of fronts. First, he went 9-2 (or something like that) last week and feels he’s trending upward. Second, he really likes being able to say things like ‘trending upward.’ Also, he engaged in a really heated battle with his own tail.

Columbia Central @ Hudson: Chucky and the Eagles were born in the same year – 1967! They also share this cool stat: Neither has ever beaten Hudson. PICK: Hudson

Grass Lake @ Napoleon: The Pirates look to rattle Grass Lake fans by turning loose a swarm of angry bees just before kickoff. The plan backfires when it’s discovered the bees weren’t really angry, just sort of bored. PICK: Grass Lake

Hanover-Horton @ Michigan Center: Chucky recently learned that, when a team forfeits a game (such as E. Jackson & Concord) the official score is 2-0. This means nothing here, of course, but is a darn cool tidbit. PICK: H-H

Jackson @ Lansing Sexton: A controversy brews at Sexton, where smaller members of the team are angry over the school nickname of ‘Big Reds.’ A compromise is reached with the introduction of their new name – ‘The Big & Also Smaller Reds.’ PICK: Sexton

Lumen Christi @ Northwest: Michigan coach Brady Hoke shows up before the game to rally players from both sides. Sadly, like his usual press conferences, he refuses to discuss anything, leaving everyone confused. PICK: Lumen Christi

Coldwater @ Western: Turns out, Lions quarterback Matt Stafford is a huge Coldwater fan, having once thrown a bevy of interceptions there. I know this doesn’t make sense but I don’t like the Lions. PICK: Coldwater

Hillsdale @ Dundee: Dundee digs into their bag of tricks and pull out the ‘ol cheese helmet ploy.’ This is where they spread pizza cheese all over their helmets. Sadly, no one really knows how that ploy got into the trick bag in the first place. PICK: Hillsdale

Leslie @ Perry: The Blackhawks replace their starting quarterback with a giant catapult taken from a local historical society. The plan backfires when the catapult discharges and whacks a few players on the noggin, causing concussions. PICK: Leslie

Stockbridge @ Lake Odessa Lakewood: The Stockbridge faithful aren’t happy with a recent decision that changes their town name to ‘Lock, Stock & Barrel.’ PICK: Stockbridge

Homer @ Reading: The Trojans, still angry over Concord’s decision to forfeit the week before, demand compensation. The Yellow Jackets agree to send forty two pounds of rice pudding to Homer – a pound for each point the Trojans would have scored if the game had been played. PICK: Homer

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