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Chucky is humiliated and offers a formal apology to everyone after last week’s picks, which were far below his normal high stand of around 83% success. A 7-5 weekend has convinced him that changes need to be made, starting with picking against Springport – which he vows never to do again. So, just as the cruise ship Costa Concordia was hauled off a reef and righted once again, so to shall Chucky Buckles in his quest for pick perfection.

LUMEN CHRISTI @ CHARLOTTE: Charlotte looked unstoppable in their first two games (both wins) but came back down to earth in a loss to Eaton Rapids last weekend. In a surprise move, the Orioles coaching staff invites the Akron football team in to give a pre-game pep talk. Sadly, the Zips leave without finishing the job and this carries over. PICK: LUMEN CHRISTI

EAST JACKSON @ VANDERCOOK LAKE: The Jayhawks surprise EJ by claiming that, in lieu of a football game, they will settle their differences in a fish-eating contest at the Bone Island Grill. By the time the Trojans realize they’ve been duped, they’ve already consumed a half ton of fish and are extremely sluggish. PICK: VANDERCOOK LAKE

EATON RAPIDS @ NORTHWEST: This is a HUGE game for the Mounties and Coach Slater. I picked them to lose to Mason, and they did. Now I pick them to beat Eaton Rapids. Chucky is wise. PICK: NORTHWEST

COLUMBIA CENTRAL @ ONSTED: The wheels fell off for the Eagles last week in their loss to Hillsdale. This Onsted team is 0-3 with two of the losses being blowouts. A pre-game visit to Stagecoach Stop, which has been closed for years, motivates CC. PICK: COLUMBIA CENTRAL

LANSING SEXTON @ JACKSON: The Big Reds roll into town having won their first three games by an average of 27 points. The Vikings will get that first win for Coach Farley, but not this week. PICK: LANSING SEXTON

LANSING WAVERLY @ WESTERN: This is an important game for Western as they match up with a winless Waverly team that’s been pummeled each time out. Coach Mifsud threatens the Panthers that if they lose he will make each of them sit through the new Insidious movie by themselves in the dark. The scare tactic works. PICK: WESTERN

MICHIGAN CENTER @ HANOVER-HORTON: The Cardinals are still ticked off at losing to Grass Lake last week while the Comets are still reeling from a surprise loss at Addison. What’s meaner: an angry Cardinal or an angry Comet? We’ll go with an angry Cardinal. PICK: MICHIGAN CENTER

NAPOLEON @ GRASS LAKE: Good news and bad news for the Pirates! The good news…? They got their first win last week. The bad news…? They play Grass Lake next. PICK: GRASS LAKE

READING @ SPRINGPORT: Why Reading’s nickname is not the Railroad, Chucky will never know. He DOES know this, however: Monopoly takes way too long to play. PICK: SPRINGPORT

LESLIE @ BELDING: The Blackhawks scored their first points of the year last week in a loss to Perry. Belding is 3-0 and averages almost 50 points a game. That can’t be good, can it? PICK: BELDING

QUINCY @ JONESVILLE: This looks to be a pretty darn good matchup in the Big 8. Chucky’s wife, a former Jonesville track star, embarrasses herself by running onto the field before the game and performing bizarre dance moves. Once play resumes, Jonesville gets it done. PICK: JONESVILLE

Last week’s record:         7-5

Season record:                 27-9

Favorite song:                    “Let Your Love Flow” by the Bellamy Brothers.

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