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Chucky B

Chucky is cloaked in impressiveness after getting back on track last weekend with another 10-2 week of picks. The quest for perfection, however, continues and this week he feels really, really good about things. Plus, he won $5 on a scratch-off.

NORTHWEST @ LUMEN CHRISTI: After a pair of wins to start the season, the wheels are starting to wobble a little bit on the Mounties wagon. A match-up with Lumen Christi generally doesn’t help when this happens. Northwest invites the Titans to an all-you-can-eat pizza party at Klavon’s and schedules it for game time to throw LC off the path. The ploy doesn’t work. PICK: LUMEN CHRISTI

WESTERN @ LESLIE: Western lost a close one last week to Lansing Waverly, while the Blackhawks are still searching for that elusive first win. Leslie tries a little misdirection of their own by creating signs in art class to send the Panther bus through a corn maize. Western isn’t fooled. PICK: WESTERN

BLISSFIELD @ COLUMBIA CENTRAL: Controversy swirls when it’s announced there’s never actually been a Golden Eagle spotted in the Brooklyn area. Blissfield is confused because they’re the Royals and, well, no one really knows what a Royal is. PICK: COLUMBIA CENTRAL

GRASS LAKE @ EAST JACKSON: The Warrior defense is bone-crushing and their goal this week is to knock the numbers off East Jackson’s helmets. EJ employs a little trickery and changes their helmet decal from jersey numbers to harmless kittens, hoping to soften Grass Lake up. Sadly, the Warriors don’t really like harmless kittens. PICK: GRASS LAKE

JONESVILLE @ CONCORD: The Comets roll into town a sparkling 4-0 and with a #3 ranking in Chucky’s Power Poll. Chucky’s wife, the former Jonesville track star, leads the team into the stadium by jogging out in front, but this merely delays the start of the game. Concord administrators placate the crowd with free rice pudding. PICK: JONESVILLE

MANCHESTER @ HANOVER-HORTON: Chucky spent his early school days at H-H and once scored 9 points in a 7th grade basketball game. Manchester is not impressed by this. In fact, it angers them. PICK: MANCHESTER

ONSTED @ HILLSDALE: It’s been a rough year for Onsted, having scored 14 total points in four games. Hillsdale offers to spot them 14 points to open this one, just to be fair. The Hornets are then reminded that their own record is actually just 1-3, and that 14 point offer is quickly pulled from the table. PICK: HILLSDALE

READING @ HOMER: Reading’s tough to figure out. They opened the season with two wins and two shutouts, then served up 70 points in two losses. Homer is – well – really good. PICK: HOMER

JACKSON @ GRAND LEDGE: Viking speedster Corey Pryor offers to race the team bus to Grand Ledge but he tires out near Leslie. The bus, however, fails to stop and pick him up and J-High misses a key component to their offense. PICK: GRAND LEDGE

NAPOLEON @ MICHIGAN CENTER: The Cardinals still can’t believe they lost to Grass Lake and haven’t spoken to anyone in their respective families since the defeat. On the field, they begin communicating with each other using only angry grunts. The Pirates aren’t sure what to make of this, and are promptly defeated. PICK: MICHIGAN CENTER

SPRINGPORT @ UNION CITY: It’s a village hay ride all the way to Union City for Springport. UC has won two in a row but nothing beats a village hay ride. PICK: SPRINGPORT

VANDERCOOK LAKE @ ADDISON: Addison has one win this year and three losses by an average score of 49-6. Vandercook Lake has a really scary Jayhawk for a mascot. Take the scary Jayhawk. PICK: VANDERCOOK LAKE  

MUSKEGON CC @ WYOMING TRI-UNITY CHRISTIAN STAR MARY OF THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE: Chucky’s not sure how some of these schools get their names and frankly it frightens him. Muskegon Catholic Central is known as the Crusaders and really, that’s a super cool nickname. PICK: MUSKEGON CC

LAST WEEK:          10-2

SEASON:                   37-11


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