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Chucky found himself in a peck of trouble last week. Turns out he was in the road licking himself when a local patrol officer rolled up. A foot chase ensued, but Chucky’s ability to climb a nearby tree saved the day.


Columbia Central @ Erie Mason: Chucky knows this: The Eagles win! Alas, both of these teams are the Eagles so that pretty much makes sense. PICK: Erie Mason

Concord @ Springport: The Springport Drama Club presents a musical version of ‘Children of the Corn’ before the game. Things get weird when it’s later learned there is no Springport Drama Club. So, who were all those creepy little kids? PICK: Springport

Grass Lake @ Vandercook Lake: The Warriors lost to Manchester last week, and they’re not too happy about that. The Jayhawks lost to Hanover-Horton, but seem to be in a much happier place. Outright anger wins. PICK: Grass Lake

Hanover-Horton @ Napoleon: Two saxophones were ruined in last week’s rain storm at H-H during homecoming festivities. That’s a cool fact. PICK: H-H

Jackson @ Lansing Eastern: With construction on northbound US-127 seemingly never-ending, the Vikings try a new method of transportation. Sadly, a hay-ride tends to be really slow and they don’t show up until sometime Sunday afternoon. PICK: Lansing Eastern

Lumen Christi @ Western: Acting legend James Earl Jones serves as pre-game Master of Ceremonies, dressed in character as Darth Vader. Strangely, he proclaims to be everyone’s father and then leaves the field. Not sure what to make of that. PICK: Lumen Christi

Addison @ Michigan Center: The giant inflatable Cardinal that MC displays at home games actually takes the field and plays this time. Addison players enjoy batting it around a bit, but forget to play the game. PICK: Michigan Center

Marshall @ Northwest: AMC’s The Walking Dead returns for a new season this Sunday. Seriously, it really does. PICK: Marshall

Homer @ Quincy: Chaos erupts when it’s learned a large meteor is headed straight for the stadium during the second quarter. Things really get strange when the meteor abruptly changes course and heads back into space. Strange. PICK: Homer

Blissfield @ Hillsdale: If the Royals hadn’t lost their first five games of the season they would be 6-0 right now.  Meanwhile, the Hornets are undefeated against teams from the state of Michigan.  This somehow adds up to 37.  PICK:  Hillsdale

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