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Chucky B

Chucky went 11-2 last week and that’s pretty impressive – especially when you consider he recently discovered how much fun it is to use Google Translate to say silly things.

So, as the season rolls on – this is how he sees things:

LANSING EASTERN @ JACKSON: In a stunning move, the Vikings hide all game balls inside pumpkins, hoping a little trickery will win the day. The plan fails. PICK: LANSING EASTERN

NAPOLEON @ HANOVER-HORTON: To shake things up a bit the Pirates attempt to sky dive out of an airplane and onto the Comets’ field. Sadly, they veer off course and land in the Horton Mill Pond, where they are attacked by sluggish turtles. PICK: HANOVER-HORTON

VANDERCOOK LAKE @ GRASS LAKE: The Warriors are furious after losing to Manchester last week and vow to take out their frustration on the Jayhawks. In an attempt to soften Grass Lake up, the ‘Hawks deliver a basket of kittens to the Warrior locker room prior to kick off. The kittens are never heard from again. PICK: GRASS LAKE

MANCHESTER @ EAST JACKSON: A pre-game controversy swirls when the Flying Dutchmen argue that beating Grass Lake last week should count for two victories and that they shouldn’t have to play this one. EJ disagrees and much popcorn is hurled. PICK: MANCHESTER

MICHIGAN CENTER @ ADDISON: Former Tigers closer Jose Valverde arrives and delivers a rousing pre-game speech to the Cardinals, but can’t finish when he forgets the ending. This leaves MC a little confused, but they rally. PICK: MICHIGAN CENTER

ATHENS @ CONCORD: The construction traffic on M-60 in Concord delays the arrival of the Athens football team and fans until sometime around Thanksgiving. The Yellow Jackets play a scrimmage against some local kids and win convincingly. The MHSAA allows the verdict to stand. PICK: CONCORD

COLUMBIA CENTRAL @ DUNDEE: The Dundee field becomes a mud bog whenever it rains, so the Vikings prepare for inclement weather by practicing all week in kayaks. The Eagles took an oath years ago never to play in kayaks. PICK: DUNDEE

HOMER @ SPRINGPORT: Chucky vowed never to pick against Springport again, but he saw Homer firsthand last week when they pummeled Jonesville. The Trojans are big, mean and fast. Sort of like Chucky’s high school girlfriend. PICK: HOMER

UNION CITY @ JONESVILLE: The Comets tried to move this game up to Tuesday to erase the bad taste in their mouths after losing to Homer. PICK: JONESVILLE

NORTHWEST @ CHARLOTTE: The Mounties racked up the points last week in a win over Leslie. A Blackhawk is a far more frightening bird than an Oriole, especially around Halloween. So if the Mounties beat the Blackhawks last week, then what do they have to fear from an Oriole… Right? PICK: NORTHWEST

LUMEN CHRISTI @ LANSING WAVERLY: The Titans are practicing for the upcoming Howell game by eating thumb tacks and boxes of rusty nails. Kicker Ricky Cassell is using pumpkins and rocks instead of footballs. PICK: LUMEN CHRISTI

MASON @ WESTERN: The Bulldogs are late arriving when they gather to watch a rerun of Sharknado at a coach’s house. In the end, it doesn’t matter. PICK: MASON

LAST WEEKS RECORD:             9-3

OVERALL:                           Does it matter?

FAVORITE HALLOWEEN CANDY: little Snickers bars

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