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Chucky B

By embracing the fall colors and focusing more on the beauty of life, and not the harshness of competition, he’s found a little a joy this week. Going 9-3 in picks didn’t hurt, either, but he prefers not to focus on such trivial matters. On this, the last week of the regular season, let’s ascend to a higher plain. Or is it plane?

ATHENS @ EAST JACKSON: This is a classic matchup between the Resistible Force and the Moveable Object as one of these teams (both 0-8) will end the season on a high note. PICK: EAST JACKSON

CONCORD @ NAPOLEON: The Yellow Jacket team bus sneaks into town by way of the Falling Waters Trail where they’re attacked by that really creepy flying guy in ‘Jeepers Creepers.’ Luckily, they arrive on time. PICK: CONCORD

UNION CITY @ ADDISON: Famous Union City alum Adam Levine arrives early to give a pre-game pep talk. It’s later discovered that Adam Levine never went to Union City and has no plans on arriving and delivering a speech. Strange… PICK: ADDISON

QUINCY @ VANDERCOOK LAKE: Jack Klugman once played a forensic scientist in the 70’s sitcom ‘Quincy.’ At this point of week 9, that’s all I have. PICK: VANDERCOOK LAKE

READING @ HANOVER-HORTON: After hearing that Friday night features ‘Reading at Hanover-Horton,’ Comet fans show up in slacks and toting large, leather bound books. By the time they realize it’s a football game, it’s too late. PICK: READING

SPRINGPORT @ MANCHESTER: In this intriguing crossover matchup, the loss of Springport’s starting QB tips the scales. After the game, the Spartans stop to close a dimensional portal that would have allowed big monsters to attack earth. Really, what’s more important than that? PICK: MANCHESTER

JONESVILLE @ MICHIGAN CENTER : The Comets are good, but this Center team might just be on a mission. Chucky isn’t sure what that mission is, but the Cards are on it. PICK: MICHIGAN CENTER

HOMER @ GRASS LAKE: Undefeated Homer against mighty Grass Lake. This should be a fantastic game and a great atmosphere. The Grass Lake concession stand soft pretzels are the difference here – but watch the salt. PICK: GRASS LAKE

DEXTER @ NORTHWEST: Dexter (1-7) stands in the way of a winning season for the Mounties, who are determined to finish the year on a high note. As a bonus, every fan attending the game will receive one free pumpkin seed. PICK: NORTHWEST

WESTERN @ BUCHANAN: Buchanan has lost their last two games by a combined 81-0 and is only 1-7 overall. That’s either good news for the Panthers, or very dangerous news. Either way, Buchanan gets the nod for being named after a cool Bay Watch cast member. Google it. PICK: BUCHANAN

HUDSON @ COLUMBIA CENTRAL: Chucky picked CC a week ago and they lost by 38, leaving his confidence even more damaged. Hudson arrives on scene to make this week go a little easier. PICK: HUDSON

JACKSON @ LANSING EVERETT: Everett (5-3) needs this win to make the state playoffs while J-High comes in after winning two straight. The Vikings win! Get it? They’re both nicknamed the Vikings. PICK: THE VIKINGS

HILLSDALE @ DUNDEE: Hillsdale’s Shoeshine Johnny over-indulges and eats all the pre-game press box pizzas. This merely angers Dundee fans and that riles the team up. PICK: DUNDEE

LUMEN CHRISTI @ HOWELL: Coach Brogan tells his players to ‘study up on the Highlanders.’ In a tragic case of good intentions gone wrong, the Titans watch all thirteen Highlander movies instead of game film. The good news…? They’re ready to defend our universe. The bad news…? They lose on another field goal at the buzzer. PICK: HOWELL




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