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Airdate: August 10, 2022

Tomorrow, Thursday, August 11, 2022, the concrete subcontractor will arrive at the site to build the new concrete curbs on South West Avenue between Carlton and Washington. The crew will arrive at 7:00 am to place forms and string lines for the curb machine. All the curb work will be done by the end of the work day tomorrow.

In the days that follow, the concrete crew will remain at the site to build new driveway approaches, sidewalks and sidewalk ramps. The driveway, sidewalk and ramp work will be completed by the middle of next week.

After concrete is placed, it is imperative that it not be driven on for the week after. It will need that week to cure and gain strength. Although it looks hardened to the eye after a few hours, it is not. The fresh concrete will be weak and brittle. If driven on too soon, it will crack. These cracks will widen over time and the concrete will break up after a few years. To ensure that the concrete lasts for a very long time, it cannot be driven on too soon.

Those residents that live in the section that will get the new curbs need to move their vehicles out of their driveways this evening or very early tomorrow morning. While the concrete is curing and gaining strength, those cars will have be parked elsewhere. They can be parked on West Avenue at night as long as they are moved during the day so that work can proceed. It is preferable that cars be parked on the sidestreets outside of the work zone – on Carlton or on Franklin or on Washington.

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