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Area residents interested in a weekly update on city construction projects are now in luck. Information once reserved for engineers and media outlets alone is at citizens’ fingertips with a 2016 Dig Jackson campaign organized by city personnel. “The most common questions I get this time of year are about construction projects in the city,” Public Information Officer Will Forgrave said. “What contractors are doing; when work will be done; where are the detours – things like that. With this tool, that information is a lot easier to get and digest.”

People interested in getting a weekly email update on projects should go to digjackson.com, where they can sign up for the email list and review upcoming construction projects on the site. A more detailed list of projects will then be emailed every Thursday or Friday to those who sign up for it.

A total of 20 construction projects are on the docket this summer within the city of Jackson, with a handful already underway and more to come. Only construction projects organized or implemented by the city of Jackson are included with the tool. Projects organized outside the city limits or designed by state or private entities not under the city’s direction will not be listed on the email service or updated on the site.

“Hopefully the online tool will go a long way to inform those interested about street construction in Jackson this summer,” Forgrave said. “We don’t want people to be blind sided by construction and we want people informed.” For more information, visit digjackson.com or email wforgrave@cityofjackson.org

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