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The Jackson County Office of the Sheriff Emergency Management Division will be utilizing the CodeRED Emergency Notification System on TUESDAY, MAY 24, 2016 to call all phone numbers in the City of Jackson and Jackson County. This test call will allow the Office of the Sheriff to update the phone database as well as operate the system as if there has been a community wide disaster or emergency. This is not a sales call.

The calls will begin at around 9:00 am and will continue until the entire database has been attempted. Message recipient’s Caller ID will read either, Emergency Communications Network or 866-419-5000 or Code Red with the same number, depending on local telephone providers. The message that is being delivered directs recipients to the CITY or COUNTY web sites to add additional contact numbers, and it also asks that recipients spread the word by mentioning the system to family, friends, co-workers and neighbors.

Sheriff Steve Rand, Jackson County Sheriff and Emergency Manager, suggests that “people should take the time to visit our website and add contact information to include cellular phones as well as email and text addresses if you wish to be alerted in the future”.  If your contact information is not in the database there is a possibility you may not receive a call when an urgent message is sent. Businesses are encouraged to register, as well as individuals who have unlisted phone numbers, who have changed their phone number recently or those who use a cellular or internet based phone. In the event a resident is not home, residents can simply dial the number displayed on their Caller ID to hear the last message delivered.

Citizens can to log onto their website at www.co.jackson.mi.us or www.www.cityofjackson.org and follow the CodeRED link on the page. Those without Internet access should ask a friend to assist or visit your local public library. More information about the CodeRED system is on the website at www.ecnetwork.com.

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