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jacobsonBy Larry Jacobson, JTV Sports

Memories, like the corners of my mind… Misty water colored memories of the Way We Were.’

          The timeless lyrics to the Barbra Streisand classic ‘The Way We Were’ carry greater meaning for me as I get older. However, even these touching words mean little when compared to the current streak of district titles for the Hanover-Horton Comets boys basketball team.

Beginning with tonight’s state tournament opener at Concord against Vandercook Lake, the Comets embark on yet another foray into the first round having won 12 straight district titles. The remarkable streak, as usual, faces stern tests. If H-H wins tonight, then powerful Homer (19-1) looms in the second round and possibly Michigan Center (13-7) for the title.

With so many upsets in March Madness it’s amazing the Comets have remained so consistent. That’s a testament to Coach Chad Mortimer, his staff and system, and the Comet players.

So, in honor of this streak, let’s take a look back, shall we? The Comets lost to Jonesville in a district semifinal in 2001 and back then…

  • The price of gas was creeping up… TO $1.68 a gallon!
  • Lebron James as a high school sophomore in Ohio.
  • Kwame Brown was the #1 pick in the NBA draft.
  • ‘Gladiator’ won the Oscar for best picture.
  • Chrysler’s PT Cruiser won ‘Car of the Year.’
  • Duke won the NCAA hoops title and Shane Battier was MOP.
  • A single share of Apple was going for around $20.
  • Most players on this year’s Comets team were between 2 and 5 years old.
  • Swan Creek Candle opened their downtown Jackson location.
  • The Twin Towers stood proudly in New York City until that terrible, fateful day in September.


Since that time the Comets have won 47 postseason games, 33 straight district games and 20 straight district matchups against Cascades Conference foes.

What does that mean this year for Coach Mortimer’s young 2014 version of the red and white? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! He knows it, his staff knows it and here’s betting the players know it, too.

Here’s to March Madness where Hanover-Horton, in a sea of upsets and unpredictability, has found a home.

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