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Whether you’re making room for a new “football-ready” TV, or you’re just doing a bit of cleaning, stop by Consumers Energy’s Parnall complex on Saturday, Sept. 26 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and recycle your old appliances and electronics. The address is 1945 Parnall Road.

This year, Consumers Energy is teaming up with Habitat for Humanity and Valley City Recycling. Volunteers from both organizations will be on hand to help handle your recyclables. In addition, we are making a donation of $1,000 to Habitat for Humanity and will add 20 cents for every pound of electronics recycled. Last year, we donated $1,300 to Habitat for Humanity and know we can beat that this year.

As part of our Appliance Recycling Program, we are offering $50 rebates for eligible refrigerators and freezers and $15 rebates for eligible window air conditioners and dehumidifiers.

Additional items to recycle (not eligible for rebate – do not have to be in working condition)

Computer systems and accessories

PCs and Macs – towers, laptops, all-in-ones

LCD displays

CPUs and circuit boards

Hard drives, internal, external disk drives

Docking stations, routers, hubs, switches

Servers, server racks, networking equipment

Modems and wireless internet cards

UPS systems and APC battery back-ups

Keyboards, mouse and speakers

Discs – CDs, DVDs, diskettes, floppies

Power cords, cables

Printers, scanners

Tape back-ups


Audio and video equipment

CRT televisions and monitors

DVD players and VCRs

Radios, stereos, CD players and speakers

Camcorders and cameras

Game systems

iPods, MP3 players


Handheld devices

Cell phones, pagers, PDAs and two-way radios


Office equipment

Fax machines and telephone systems


Typewriters and adding machines

Media (disks, CDs, DVDs, memory sticks)


Miscellaneous items

Air cleaners, humidifiers

Answering machines

Electronic kitchen items


Power tools (electric only)

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