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The CP Federal Credit Union Board of Directors today announced plans to work towards an agreement with the Jackson Public Arts Commission (JPAC) and City of Jackson to contribute $100,000 towards the construction of the Glidden Parker Mural Project, helping to finance the construction of a multi-purpose artistic structure in Horace Blackman Park. The Jackson City Council voted at the September 8th City Council meeting to authorize the City Manager, the City Attorney and Vice Mayor Dobies to work on an agreement to be presented at the next regularly scheduled meeting. 

 “We are so pleased to be a part of this effort to beautify our downtown and create a focal point within this community,” stated John Crist,  President/CEO of CP Federal Credit Union. “We hope the completed structure will serve as a central venue for many of the community events that we sponsor and support.”

 Under the proposed agreement, the structure would be named CP Federal Credit Union CitySquare will serve as a focal point of a current downtown placemaking effort in Jackson’s newly completed urban core park as part of Governor Snyder’s Anchor Initiative. The design of the structure will not only protect and preserve the 9 foot tall by 28 foot long mural in a climate controlled structure, but will include an art exhibit viewing area. The angled roofing design will help protect and define the viewing area for the mural and will also function as a performance area for various organizations and events. The goal of this project is to preserve a piece of art that has great cultural, and historic significance in Jackson and, in doing so, create a space for the appreciation and performance of art.

 “We are elated that CP Federal Credit Union fully supports the Glidden Parker Mural Project, and will assure that this historical mural will be enjoyed by residents and visitors for years to come,” stated Janet Meyer , JPAC Chair. “Their commitment shows they understand theintrinsic and economic value of art within our community.”

 The $100,000 proposed contribution from CP Federal Credit Union represents more than 25% of the total project costs. State and community support has steadily increased since thereceipt of $50,000 from the National Endowment for the Arts “Our Town” Grant. The Jackson Public Arts Commission is working on securing additional funds through a Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs grant submitted earlier this year, and other community crowd-funding mechanisms through the Michigan Economic Development Corporation to cover the overall project costs of $390,000.

 “CP Federal Credit Union understands that this project is part of our effort to rebuild Jackson from the urban core outwards,” said Derek Dobies, Vice Mayor of the City of Jackson. “While they’ve always been strong corporate citizens, and we see CP Federal Credit Union’s commitment here as real leadership in how businesses can help spark the revival of our community.”

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