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Dave Craft with Bart
Dave Craft with Bart

The Craft Agency’s Dave Craft announced a partnership with HOME.fm to support the community through various holiday activities including a food drive.  The Craft Agency is a collection location for the Thanksgiving Food Drive.  It will continue through November 20th with a live broadcasting event from 4 to 6pm.  The Craft Agency is also a collection location for the Toys for Tots campaign.   Other guests:  Jeff Matzen, Matzen Financial with “Money Matters”;  Toys of the Month with Phil Wrzesinski, The Toy House;  Matt Neitzel and Kevin Neitzel, Neitzel Technologies;  Executive Director of the Fitness Council Nic Pangborn with Scott TenBrink, Community Program Manager for Citizen Interaction Design Project, UM School of Information.

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