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This past weekend, another project to reinvest in and reconstruct downtown Jackson began.  The project is the rehabilitation of the Elaine Apartments building located on the southeast corner of Michigan Avenue and Mechanic Street.  The residents of the building have been temporarily moved out of the building so that big improvements can be made.  Last week, those improvements started.  While another project in downtown Jackson is exciting, it will also come with inconveniences that are an inevitable part of construction.

On Monday, August 17, 2015, the sidewalk and on-street parking lane on Mechanic Street adjacent to the Elaine Apartments building closed for approximately eight (8) weeks.  The closure is necessary during the demolition phase of the Elaine project for the removal of debris and it’s deposition in dumpsters on the street.  The movement of debris from the building to the dumpsters will be continuous.  This phase will also include the removal of a portion of sidewalk so the a temporary opening to the basement can be created for the removal of antiquated equipment and the loading of new.  To accomplish these tasks, the sidewalk must be closed.

At times, the closure of Mechanic Street for short periods will also be necessary to provide space for a crane to load equipment and materials to the upper floors of the building.

When the demolition phase is complete, the sidewalk will be restored and opened to public use.  The completion of all work for this project is scheduled for spring in 2016.  Throughout the late fall, winter and early spring, when the sidewalk is not under direction construction, it will remain open albeit covered to protect pedestrians.  Before the project is complete, the sidewalk will be completely replaced to match to improvements that are currently being made on Michigan Avenue.

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