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Patti Poppe and Cathy Reynolds with Bart
Patti Poppe and Cathy Reynolds with Bart

Consumers Energy Senior Vice President & General Counsel Cathy Reynolds and Vice President, Customer Experience, Rates & Regulation Patti Poppe discussed the company’s opposition to the proposed electric energy deregulation legislation being proposed by State Representative Mike Shirkey.   The officers cited evidence the bill would have negative impacts on the Jackson community, service reliability, costs, infrastructure investments;  and would force the company to divest itself of energy generation facilities likely resulting in substantial staff reductions.  In addition, deregulation has not lowered costs in other states and several states have abandoned electric deregulation.  Other guests:  Jackson Mayor Jason Smith;  Paragon Academy 7th Grade Choir;  Karyn Clow and Nick VanBogelen, Orthopaedic Rehab Specialists and Optimal Performance Specialists;  a visit to Gold Crown Jewelers with Paolo DiCola;  Holiday music with Kiley Ladwig;  Pet of the Week with Sue Lovell, Cascades Humane Society.

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