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Doug Wilcoxson with Bart
Doug Wilcoxson with Bart

Spring Arbor University Executive Vice President Doug Wilcoxson reports enrollment for the fall semester at SAU remains steady from the previous year.  The University will be hosting several events this weekend, including a Switchfoot concert and The Spring Arbor Coalition on Human Trafficking in partnership with the Set Free Team of Spring Arbor Free Methodist Church will hold the second annual Conference on Human Trafficking on Saturday, October 11.  Other guests:  Cindy Lyons, Career Prep Coordinator, Jackson Area Career Center;  Alex Cash, Executive Director, Fitness Council of Jackson with Jennie Lapp, Program Coordinator, Girl Quest/Boy Quest;  Ed Jasinowski, Sweet Seasons Orchard;  Tom Rooney, Rooney’s Cleaning Service;  George Staudacher, St. Joseph’s Golumbki & Pork Dinner, Sunday, October 12.

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